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Accepting Volunteer for Geneva North Korean Human Rights Campaign


In order to raise awareness of human rights violations in North Korea as well as the gravity of abuses and the need for international support, PSCORE will be launching “Geneva North Korea Human Rights Campaign” in Geneva, Switzerland.


  • Campaign Information
    • Date: 9/10/2012 ~ 9/16/2012 (TBA)
    • Location: near conference location of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland
    • Purpose: to inform North Korea’s human rights violations and North Korea defector’s stories


  • Host : People for Successful COrean REunification [PSCORE]


  • Eligibility
    • Anyone including high school/college students, foreigners
    • We are looking for someone who…

Is interested in North Korean human rights issues

Is skilled in social media such as blogging, SNS

Is experienced in campaigning

Can explain North Korean human rights issues in English

has skill/talent that may be useful for international campaigns.


  • Criteria
    • Application from PSCORE website
    • Personal Statement within 2 pages
    • Campaign idea (if you are using ideas from other campaigns, please state the original project name and the purpose.)


  • Application Procedure
  • Application Deadline: May 14th 2012 ~ June 30th 2012.
  • 1st Round: Application Assessment (Accepted applicants will be contacted individually): 7/2/2012~7/8/2012
  • 2nd Round: Interview between July 9th 2012 ~ July 14th 2012


  • Prizes
    1. Support for Geneva trip fee including flight ticket
    2. Attendance to UN Geneva Human Rights Council
    3. Certificate of Participation


※When you are sending through e-mail, please state your name and your affiliated institution.


  • Notification
    • The submitted campaign idea stays with PSCORE and may be used for PSCORE website and/or advertisements.
    • You can support North Korean defectors
    • You may pay some parts of the fee for Geneva trip.
    • Priorities for people who are fluent in foreign languages, experienced in international campaigns, or participated in UN Human Rights Council conferences