People for Successful COrean REunification

We are an organization in special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council since 2012.
We advocate internationally and domestically with a vision to raise awareness about North Korean human rights
while providing education and tutoring programs.

Human Rights

Read about our international work where we strive to gain international awareness.

Korean Reunification

This is why reunification must happen to strengthen Korea as a single nation.


We provide English classes and tutoring programs for North Korean defectors. Apply and become a tutor with us!

UN Reports

We received a consultative status from UN ECOSOC and submit reports since 2012.

Rescue Missions

We've helped North Korean defectors to cross the border to South Korea. Read about those weve saved.

Defectors' memoirs

We share defectors’ stories to the world to let their voices be heard.

Interns from all around the world

Interested in joining our team? Contact us for more information about our volunteer, tutoring and internship opportunities. 

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English textbooks designed for North Korean defectors and published
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Interns from all over the worlds
Campaigns and street events

Since its establishment in 2006, PSCORE has long been involved in Human Rights issues in North Korea from holding street campaigns for raising awareness to writing reports and participating in UN conferences.

To expand your knowledge, we have made a list of recommendations for you with a variety of books, movies, documentaries, and TEDTalks that cover different aspects of North Korea and its history as well as defector’s personal experiences.

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Inescapable Violence: Child Abuse within North Korea
This report deeply focuses on the omnipresent forms of abuse (physical, sexual, psychological) and neglect perpetrated on children in North Korea and how it affects their future.
Social Integration between North and South Koreans
A piece on how North and South Koreans view one another and the efforts and hardships encountered by both to reach an understanding of each other.
Forgotten Abuctees: 50 Years in North Korea
The 11th of December 2019 marks 50 years since the plane was hijacked en route to Seoul. 11 of those that were on the plane remain missing and the DPRK has continuously denied that they are being kept against their will but refuse to provide any evidence to support these statements.
Violation of Children's Rights in North Korea
Read about North Korea's education system, child labor, and child abuse.
Unending Toil: Child Labor within North Korea
This report focuses on the different types of arduous labor children must face within and outside the education system.
The Faceless Ones: Story of North Korean Ineluctable Defects
This compilation of testimonies covers a wide range of the daily life in North Korea such as school and prison camps through collective farms and military services.
Forced To Hate: North Koreans Education System
This report exposes how the North Korean education system violates human rights and proposes how to approach changes for North Korea's education system.

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