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Most of us use Amazon to buy the things we need, but are not aware of an alternative version of Amazon where you can effortlessly donate a percentage of your order price to a good cause. This great initiative is called AmazonSmile! You can donate to PSCORE by just doing your usual Amazon shop. functions exactly the same as the we all know about, however it automatically donates 0.5% of every order to a chosen organisation at no extra cost to you. You can buy the exact same products, at the same prices, with an added bonus of supporting PSCORE whilst you do.

Make sure you do use AmazonSmile, as only orders via this version of Amazon will send the donations. Once you have signed up, be sure to bookmark the page so you don’t accidentally go to the normal Amazon website. In case you do forget, Amazon should also prompt you to switch to AmazonSmile from their main site, so make sure to sign up to AmazonSmile to receive the prompt.

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Your donation, no matter how small, will make a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of North Korean refugees. Here is how:

Where does the donation money go to?

As a nonprofit organization, we use our donation money wisely. Every penny is raised to help us work towards our greatest mission. We have a long journey ahead of us to reach our mission; which is to put an end to the human rights violations taken place in the secretive state North Korea. Your support helps us develop a well-integrated North Korean community within South Korea to unite us as a nation. Through fundamental mentoring, rescuing missions and awareness campaigns about North Korean human rights we desire the world to recognize the urgency of this issue to help save defectors and advocate an end to human rights abuses in North Korea by bringing awareness in to schools, universities or at the United Nations. 

We empower North Korean defectors and provide them education in order for them to create the best opportunities possible, to integrate in South Korea community.

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