Our Team

Kim Young-Il is the Executive Director and founder of PSCORE. He was born in North Korea and escaped in 1996 with his brothers and parents after years of persistent famine. He first attempted to leave China for South Korea in 2000 but failed to do so. In 2001, he finally arrived in South Korea via Mongolia. He graduated in with a degree in Chinese Studies from the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul. 

Nam Bada, our Secretary General, is a South Korean-national who has been working at PSCORE since 2009. He is entrusted with micromanaging the NGO, as well as organizing public and private events, fundraisers, and intern projects.

PSCORE takes pride in its constant stream of qualified and skilled interns who help sustain and develop our programs, media, communication and marketing strategies, and financial support. We could not survive without the generous support of our interns, volunteers, teachers, sponsors and donors.

For more information about our interns, see our Intern Map here.

Are you interested in joining our team?

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