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In December 2009, PSCORE sponsored the YouTube Video Contest: a competition which encouraged South Korean university students to submit short videos about human rights abuses in North Korea and the need for democritization in the Korean peninsula.  By wisely utilizing the internet, and particularly interactive-media sites such as YouTube, PSCORE hoped to educate internet users about the current human rights situation in North Korea, increase the participation of internet users on the PSCORE website, and effectively and inexpensively produce various videos that would illuminate the situation of North Koreans.

PSCORE received a large volume of talented submissions and announced the winners in January 2009.

Check out a few of the winning submissions!

In the Name of Democracy:  

Let’s Talk About Human Rights:  

Awards :

  • Grand Prize : Sung-jik Uh – Male – Kookmin University – In the Name of Democracy
  • Distinguished Award :
    • Seung-hwa Jung – Male – Keimyung University – The Meaning and Necessity of Democracy
    • Gwang-chan Song – Male – Hongik University – Let’s Talk about Human Rights
  • Achievement Award
    • Si-nae Hwang – Female – Namseoul University  – The Flag of North Korea, the flag of frightening people
    • Hee-eun Shin – Female – Konyang University – A South Korean Child’s wish for North Korea
    • Min-kyung Yoon – Female – Ewha Womans University – The Seeds of Happiness and Peace
    • Soo-hyun Lee – Female – Hankuk University of Foreign Studies – Freedom for Everyone