Last September and October, PSCORE held two street campaigns in both Itaewon and Sinchon.

Many people came by and learned not only about the lack of human rights in North Korea, especially amongst children, but also about the reunification process. We were able to answer their questions and they also had the possibility to answer our questions.

Our team is doing their best to spread awareness about the current situation in North Korea and work towards reunification. It’s interesting to see the diversity of opinions on the topic as people answered both “Yes” and “No” to the “Do you think reunification will improve Human Rights in the Korean peninsula?”.

After the first campaign in Itaewon, PSCORE held another street campaign in the young and vibrant Sinchon area.

Although fairly different from Itaewon, our team still managed to reach out to people to inform them about the lack of human rights issues in North Korea, in particular dealing with child labor, as well as promoting reunification.

While some people did not agree with our beliefs, engaging in constructive criticism and exchanging ideas on these topics with both Koreans and foreigners was a beneficial experience for both parties.