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Cloe Tollet

Hello everybody!

I’m Chloé, I’m interning right now at PSCORE for almost 2 months. Actually, it’s not my internship that brought me to Korea. I’ve been an exchange student since August 2014 at Ewha Womans University. I still am until next June. I came to Korea mostly to learn Korean even if my home university is not about languages at all. Talking about my home university, I’m from Sciences Po Lille, a sort of Political Science/International Relations/Public Administration school and I major in Political Science and International Relations.

As an exchange student, and like all the other Korean students out there, from January to February I had my winter break coming and I knew I wanted to do my internship not back home but here, in Korea. I was also very interested in the North Korean issue, having read tons of books about it, watched tons of documentary, took many courses about it in University, as I see Korea as a whole. When I’m interested in Korea, I mean North and South. So, yeah… I searched for an internship and came across PSCORE on the internet right away. For me, it was the most interesting internship as they work both on human rights issues and education. Also, I plan to write my senior thesis about North Korean defectors once I’m back at my home university. For now, it’s still a bit blurry but my internship helps me getting a more precise idea of what I could do as a thesis subject. I want to work on reunification issues and how North Korean defectors could play a part in this.

At PSCORE, I am working on some design things. I made new banners for PSCORE’s social network profiles for instance. Right now, I’m creating new campaign boards for the upcoming street campaigns. So I can search a subject of interest and make a board out of it. I also participate in the Wednesday English classes, trying my best to teach English to students and it has been a great experience so far. After the upcoming end of my internship, I plan to continue volunteering at PSCORE as a teacher as I think PSCORE is truly a great organization for both North Korea and also the South Korean society, to raise awareness and let the young generations remember they used to be one country and that half of this country is now suffering without freedom.

Thanks for reading!