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2010 Global English Camp



PSCORE is a non-profit, non-religious, non-partisan NGO working for the reunification of the Korean peninsula. PSCORE is comprised of North Korean defectors, young South Koreas, and foreigners who share a common interest and passion for the reunification of the Korean peninsula and North Korean human rights issues. PSCORE strives for mutual understanding and harmony between the two Koreas and aims to provide a platform to discuss topics such as democratization, human rights and social issues.



Date:                Friday, June 25 ? Sunday, June 27, 2010

Location:          Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do

Partners:          US Department of State, Hanns Seidel Foundation

Participants:    25 university students originally from North Korea

18 South Korean student volunteers

17 foreign instructors of various nationalities


As part of the effort to promote education and activities for North Korean refugees in South Korea, PSCORE presents the Global English Camp! In addition to improving English and facilitating discussion of topics such as reunification and the future of North Korea, the Global English Camp seeks to enhance North Korean refugees’ understanding of democratic systems.



Mock Election:

The mock election is the hallmark of the Global English Camp. After two campaigning sessions (Day 1 and Day 2), all camp participants will vote for the student to be inaugurated as president. The roles in the mock election are:

  • POLITICAL PARTY (4 groups) — each group will choose a platform and a presidential candidate (a North Korean student) and run a campaign for his/her election
  • MEDIA (1 group) — responsibly cover the election through a chosen medium (written, broadcast, etc) and provide voters with updates and vital information
  • ELECTORAL COMMITTEE (1 group) ? this group will manage the election, create the ballot, and establish the rules of conduct for the election


Guest Speakers:

  • US Embassy (Day 1) — Students will acquire knowledge regarding the US system of democracy and will be educated on the role of citizens within a democracy.
  • Hanns Seidel Foundation (Day 2) ? Students will learn about the German model of reunification and its relevance to the situation on the Korean peninsula.


Cultural Awareness Activity: (to be prepared with your group prior to camp)

Each team will choose a country and prepare and informative fun cultural presentation. (in the past, groups have chosen to sing native songs, learn and teach cultural dances, complete a group puzzle, and organize a quiz about their chosen country) Please submit your choice of country by June 4.

Resource Booklet:

Consists of English resources and lessons that can be used as a supplement within the camp (Getting to Know Each Other, Making Choices, etc.), as well as basic descriptions, reading materials, and exercises regarding democracy.



Though this camp functions primarily as collaborative effort between ALL group members, and all parties are expected to help as required, the foreign teachers will be the leaders that give their groups direction and keep them on-track.

Foreign Teachers:

  • Lead Instructor — acts as the primary moderator for his/her group, is responsible for heading the planning and preparation of a cultural exchange activity (prior to the camp dates), and will help their team organize a campaign in the mock election
  • Assistant Instructor — facilitates group activities, acts as a “right-hand man” for their assigned Lead Instructor, and heads their team’s act for the talent show

South Korean Volunteers: assist foreign teachers in the preparation of a cultural activity, talent show, and campaign as needed, act as a linguistic bridge if required. There will also be a South Korean Leader to take charge of the South Korean volunteers.



  • Submit country of choice for the Cultural Awareness Activity (due date: June 4!) and begin to prepare presentation for the camp
  • Each team should submit 10 questions about democracy and about English (due date: June 12!)
  • Brainstorm ideas for the talent show and undertake any necessary preparations
  • Arrange a time convenient to all group members to meet at the PSCORE office in order to be informed about issues specific to North Korean refugees



Photos are not allowed at Global English Camp, due to the fact that many North Korean defectors choose to hide their identities. PSCORE will have an official camera for photographs to capture the memories responsibly!

Got questions?? Post on the website or email us!



Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
Election Role Political Party 1 Political Party 2 Political Party 3 Political Party 4 Electoral Committee Media
Lead Teacher Robert Markus Sean Jenna Mary Julie
Assistant(s) Rita




Jamie Charlotte Veronica


Geoff Ryan


South Korean Leader Seung-woo Lee Jung-woo Lee Eun-sol Kim Hyun-muk Jeong Kyung-jun Kim Dong-hwan Won