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Global English Camp Teacher Application

2010 Camp Dates: June 25 (Friday) – 27 (Sunday)

Name: Date of Birth:
Home Phone: Email:
Cell Phone: Occupation:


University & Major:


Nationality: Gender: Male (      ) Female (      )
  • Are you familiar with PSCORE’s mission and the situation in North Korea?  YES / NO
  • Do you have experience working with North Korean students?               YES / NO
  • Are you available for the full three days(June 25 – 27)?                 YES / NO

* Volunteering at Global English Camp involves cultural sensitivity and will require some advance training. Please list your typical weekly availability.

* Please send us your resume *

Briefly describe your reason for volunteering:



The above person has applied to volunteer as a teacher for PSCORE’s Global English Camp 2010. 

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