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On 10th of April we got a visit from Loxford school, where our former volunteer Naz is currently employed as a teacher. Students from ages 12 to 16 were selected to go on a school trip to learn more about North Korea. On their last day of their trip, they visited the PSCORE office. We arranged a presentation on basic background information on North Korea as well as information on what we do to help North Korean defectors. After the presentation, the students got to meet North Korean defector Han Seol-Song and ask him questions about his life in North Korea and how he escaped. The students already seemed to know a lot about North Korea, because the questions they asked were very well-thought-out. We believe the students’ preparations made the event even more interactive, which we really enjoyed. The students also seemed to be really touched by the defectors stories and we are sure the impression they got will stay. We hope that the students will keep being interested in the situation in North Korea and maybe got a new perspective about North Koreans and the North Korean regime.

“We were able to learn of some of the wonderful work PSCORE does fighting against human rights abuses, working for peace and stability, making domestic improvements and reuniting families across the Korean peninsula.”

We had a lot of fun organizing this event and were very grateful to have Loxford School at the office. Thank you so much Loxford School and Naz for taking some time out of your busy schedule to visit us! We sincerely hope more collaborations will happen in the future.