PSCORE Organisation

PSCORE stands for ‘People for Successful COrean REunification’. We are a non-profit NGO based in Seoul, South Korea. We address potential barriers to reunification and assist North Korean refugees adapting their daily life in South Korea. Our organisation was founded 2006 by Kim Young-Il, a former North Korean soldier himself who managed to escape the country with his family and successfully defect to the South.

Prior to Japanese colonization and the division of Korea, the original spelling of ‘Korea’ contained the letter ‘c’ but was later replaced with the letter ‘k’. PSCORE adopted the original spelling ‘Corea’ to further emphasis its goal of a reunified peninsula. 


People for successfull COrean REunification

Who are we?

PSCORE is working towards its goal of a successful reunification through public exposure and various programs such as Mentoring, Education Program, and Human Rights and Democracy Program. Since its founding in 2006, PSCORE has been an active and outspoken advocate for the protection of human rights in North Korea and is the only NGO focusing exclusively on North Korean Human Rights with UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) special consultative status since 2012. The organization is also providing emergency aid to North Korean refugees in China through a discrete and secure series of networks. All of the programs are designed to garner support and raise awareness of human rights violations in North Korea.


Our work

Connect with South Korean nationals and the international community to foster global cooperation and understanding.
 Participate in the democratic processes and lobby for social and political reform in North Korea.
Enhance North Korean refugees’ ability to become self-sufficient and contribute to the reunification process.
Build information networks to educate the international community on human rights abuses in North Korea.
Achieve leadership roles in the public and private sectors and become contributing global citizens.

Main objective

The ultimate mission of PSCORE is to ensure a successful, secure, and sustainable reunification of the Korean Peninsula through inter-lateral cooperation and well-structured policies. We aim to empower North Korean refugees through our education programs and provide the necessary tools for them to become self-sufficient in their new societies.

Staff from all over the world

Our staff is comprised of both South and North Korean nationals, interns, and volunteers from countries around the world. We provide an open platform to discuss human rights in North Korea and suggest alternatives to North-South relations. We arrange educational programs for North Korean refugees to foster their adaptation to life in South Korea and increase their English-proficiency skills.

We love meeting new interns and volunteers who bring us knowledge and inspiration for us to continue our important work. Do you want to be part of our organization? Don’t hesitate to apply for our internship or volunteer program.