Involve with us and start a PSCORE Club! You will bring encouragement and increase the international participation in the fight for Human rights in North Korea through this club. Only you set the limit where and how you want this club to be organized!

What is a PSCORE Club?

The purpose behind a PSCORE Club is to bring up the North Korean issue with friends, family, neighbors, and politicians. You can independently organize campaigns, protests, petitions, and fundraising related to North Korean people’s rights at your own school, workplace or community. The activities you arrange will help raising awareness in your community about North Korean defectors’ situation and put the international community under pressure to pay more attention to the violations of Human Rights taking place in North Korea, and further on gather monetary and non-monetary donations to help provide defectors with the well-being they rightfully deserve.

These human rights issues that occurs in North Korea, unfortunately, tend to fall into oblivion and not be prioritized in today’s society. That is why any action or engagement with the Human rights issue in North Korea is highly valuable and appreciated. We will gladly provide you with the material and support; the only things you need is your heart, inspiration and creativity to kick on your club right where you live!


Why start one?

We hope you are as passionate as us and want to be part of PSCORE’s development and raise awareness about the human rights issues in North Korea. We are looking for motivated people willing to fight for the North Korean cause from their own hometown. You will show us inspiration and creativity; and we will give you the material and support! This is a great opportunity for you to independently learn how to be able to organize events and campaigns at your school, workplace or local community and enlighten friends, neighborhood or local politicians about the situation in North Korea. Here are few reasons as to why to start a PSCORE club in your community:

Raising awareness about the North Korean situation is the most valuable thing you could do to help. Read about the human rights abuses committed every day in North Korea and the important distinction between the North Korean government and the suffering North Korean people; make use of our suggested reading materials and free resources available on PSCORE website and let people know about it. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any material, information leaflets or advice you may need to carry out your campaign.

initial steps

1. Educate yourself on North and South Korea. Check our recommendations of books, movies and journals for inspiration!

2. Contact the person in charge of club membership at your school/university/local club and learn about what steps you need to take to be recognized as an official club (this status often offers you certain privileges like use of photocopiers, space and sometimes even a monetary budget!).

3. Create a plan. What type of projects would you like to start? Are you interested in holding campaigns, fundraising or writing letters? Choose activities that interests you and your group and pursue that goal!

4. Promote! Get the word out about the exciting opportunity to become part of a positive change.

Fundraising Ideas

Have fun and do good! Brainstorm fun ideas on raising funds  whether it is collections, concerts, performances or sponsored activities, and plan it carefully. If you decide to collect outside, make sure to keep it legal and get the necessary licenses beforehand. Concerts and performances at your schools, universities or workplace are a great way to get those around you interested whilst sharing your talent. Sponsored activities are easy to organize, and you can get your friends and family involved to help you out. It can be as simple as a sponsored silence, or as daring as a sponsored bungee-jumping.