People for Successful COrean REunification

Non-profit NGO based in Seoul, South Korea, working towards reunification and assisting North Korean defectors

We are comprised of both South and North Korean nationals, as well as interns and volunteers from countries around the world. PSCORE provides an open platform to discuss human rights in North Korea, as well as various resources such as English-language programs and job training seminars.

Our Activities

Human rights

Read about our international work where we strive to gain international awareness.

Korean reunification

This is why a reunification must happen to strengthen Korea as a single nation.


We provide English classes and tutoring programs for North Korean defectors. Apply and become a tutor with us!

UN reports

We received a consultative status from UN ECOSOC and write reports since 2012.

Rescue missions

We've helped North Korean defectors through underground railroad to find refugees in South Korea. Read about those we’ve saved.

Memoirs from defectors

We share defector’s stories to the world to prevent people from forgetting their voices.

Latest News

How you can help

Make a donation

Support our education and rescue programs. We need to make a change today!

Volunteer or intern

Get involved by volunteering, become a English tutor or join our Internship program.

Open a PSCORE club

Contribute to our work where you live and open up a club. Let’s raise awareness together.

Spread the word

Spread the word around you. The more people are aware, the quicker we'll make a change together!

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