People for Successful COrean REunification

PSCORE is a non-profit, non-religious, and non-partisan NGO based in Seoul, South Korea, that addresses potential barriers to reunification and assists North Korean refugees in adapting to life in South Korea.


We are comprised of both South and North Korean nationals, as well as interns and volunteers from countries around the world. 


PSCORE provides an open platform to discuss human rights in North Korea, as well as various resources such as English-language programs and job training seminars.


Human rights

Discover our international action to make people aware and advance human rights recognition in North Korea



Dicover why we think reunification should happen and how



Learn about our english classes and tutoring programs for North Korean defectors


UN Reports

We are writing reports for the UN


Rescue missions

Discover how we help North Korean defectors come to South Korea


Memoirs from defectors

Read the stories of defector we helped

Asia Education Foundation visits PSCORE

Asia Education Foundation visits PSCORE

Recently, PSCORE was visited by several teachers from Australia and New Zealand from the Asia Education Foundation (AEF). The AEF
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PSCORE present: PepperoParty

PSCORE present: PepperoParty

  November 11th will be Peppero Day in Korea, when PSCORE will host its first ever PepperoParty at Hongdae Salon Cha Cha. Guests
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Halloween Party!!!!!

Halloween Party!!!!!

Designed by Freepik     Come join us on Friday October 28th for our annual Halloween party   we will have: Caramel apples Pumpkin carving
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19.07.2016 North Korean Speaker: “The Faceless Ones”
PSCORE is hosting a charity concert for North Korean defectors

PSCORE is hosting a charity concert for North Korean defectors

Four local bands will come together for "Rock Out Vol. 12" to raise funds for North Korean defectors at Freebird
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North Korea’s Faceless Defectors

North Korea’s Faceless Defectors

Image Credit: US Army Photo by Edward N. Johnson North Korea's Faceless Defectors Many of those who escape from North Korea hide
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