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Choi Soo Jung (North Korean defector and student, Alias)



My name is Choi Soo Jung and my current English tutor is Kim Hyo Young. I came to Korea in August of 2007. Because I dropped out of school in North Korea, I had to take the GED. My social worker showed me an English morning school, so I began studying there. More than anything, learning English was fun and I had a lot of curiosity about the subject.

Through a fellow student I met there, I got to know PSCORE and I began to be tutored by one of their volunteers. Even though English education at an academy is so expensive, my tutor came all the way to my house for free. The only thing I could do in return was study as hard as I could.

So while I attended my English morning classes, I also began to receive English tutoring in the evening for about three months.

During this time, there was a family emergency and I had to make money. Because of this, I had to take a part-time job at night. I could continue going to morning school, but I no longer had time for tutoring. I still studied as hard as I could.

By studying hard, I passed the GED in early 2009. To study for my college entrance exams, I once again wanted an English tutor. So, I contacted PSCORE and got to know my tutor Kim Hyo Young. We began our sessions at the beginning of this year.

Because I enjoy English and because it is such a necessity both in college and in everyday life, I have received English instruction from many different places. Out of all the tutors I’ve had, Hyo Young is the best. I think it is because she is a professor. The other tutors I’ve had were pretty good too, but sometimes they were late or cancelled lessons altogether. However, Hyo Young was always on time, even though she most likely the busiest because she is a professor.

Thanks to her, my English improved greatly. Now that I am going to a foreign studies college, I think she was of great help. Because of this, I am going to continue receiving tutoring until she says that she cannot tutor me anymore. More than anything, I am thankful that PSCORE introduced me to her.

And I want to thank all the people who gave their time and efforts to help refugees like me get tutoring and scholarships. I will study as hard as I can to help repay them for their grace.

Thank you.


2009 October 28th


Translated by Jeesoo Nam / Edited by Christal S. Yim

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