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PSCORE presented at RightsCon for the very first time this year. In our session, ‘North Koreans Need real Information’, we discussed how the internet and factual information changed North Korean’s view on their own country and the rest of the world. Our testimony video showed the case of Mr. Roh who was able to escape the country. Because of his high status, he could access the internet when he was working overseas.
This video will be shared on our social media platforms later this week.

A lot of people approached us after our session and we were able to have great meetings for more details on the current situation and possible opportunities. We hope that our fellow participants at RightsCon, the world’s leading event on human rights in the digital age, were able to gain more understanding and interest on the human rights situation in North Korea though our presentation. We will have one more session today about the ‘Information Expansion in North Korea: Current efforts and challenges’.

Access to internet is becoming one of the basic human rights. Therefore, it is implausible that the average North Korean citizen is not connected to the internet. There are many countries that monitor their citizen’s internet usage, but the majority of North Koreans have never been on the internet in their lives. Outside information can change a lot in the human rights situation in North Korea. Pscore hopes to see a future where every North Korean citizen can have access to the internet.