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In this UPR report, PSCORE is tackling the issue of the abusive North Korean education system that is fueling the DPRK’s power structure, where children are forced to do various kinds of  unnecessary labour activities that are mostly meant for exploiting and thus don’t get the proper education and care to develop themselves. This eventually leads to many kinds of child abuse that should not be happening. We sincerely hope this report will prove useful for a further look on the matter.

The next United Nations Universal Periodic Review (UN-UPR) about DPRK is scheduled to be held on Thursday 9th of May 2019 during the 3rd cycle. The UN-UPR is a mechanism that periodically examines the human rights performances of all the UN Member States, and currently it’s in its 3rd cycle (2017-2021). Some of their main objectives includes the improvement and support for cooperation to the promotion and protection of human rights and its situation as well as the fulfillment of the State’s human right obligations and commitments.

Find attached our UN-UPR report below:

PSCORE´s UPR Report on North Korea (Fall 2018)