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“No Human Rights in North Korea” Mr.Bada Nam claimed

Bolan Times ( UN Reprenstative ) : Mr. Bada Nam said “ Basically in North Korea no rights for the people”

During an Interview with our UN Correspondent Mr. Bada Nam , The Secretary General Of PSCORE ( An NGO focusing on North Korean Human Rights ) showed his concerns on the human rights issues in North Korea. The young human rights activist claimed that “ basically in North Korea there is no human rights, people of North Korea facing abuse human rights in all fields of life.”

“ People in North Korea do not share their thoughts between each other  nor comment on human right issues openly, in any 3 people one of them would be working as a spy for the totalitarian Government. There is no freedom of expression, and no freedom of movement. Even if someone tries to speak against these issues the Government arrests his entire family without giving them any access to any court and trial and make them political prisoners for long time.” The human rights activist briefed about the situation.

Mr. Bada Nam also added that “ some people say why North Korea is not changing by it’s own people, why there are no protests by the people nor any rise of the people like Arab spring. Unfortunately, North Korea has develop it’s system only for dictators, only by namming any body can say there are laws, social structure but the rule of law is run only by dictators.”

“ North Korea denied to Participate any discussion with the international community. The dictators listens to none, neither the  International community, nor the International Human rights bodies, even though they are  not following United Nation mechanism on human rights issues but I think United Nation and UN Human Rights bodies is the only way to make North Korean regime accountable for North Korean people human rights.” Mr. Bada Nam expressed his concerns.


source : BolanTimes