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On Friday the 21st of November, PSCORE hosted ‘Journey to Freedom’, an event shining light on PSCORE’s activity in rescue missions to help struggling North Korean defectors and establish save passage to South Korea.

On this evening, PSCORE’s founder and North Korea defector himself Young-Il Kim shared his experience on a successful recent rescue mission, which took young North Korean defector Ji-Eun from China to South Korea to reunite with her family.

Ji-Eun was only 18 when she crossed the boarder from DPRK to China in winter 2013. After having lost her shoes, she got stuck on her escape with severe frostbite on her feet, in urgent need of medical attention with no more means to travel further. 

Generous funds by international donors allowed PSCORE to provide Ji-Eun with the medical support her condition required, before bringing her savely into South Korea. 

Today, more than a year after her rescue, Ji-Eun has fully recovered and enjoys her new healthy life in Seoul. 

PSCORE would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended “Journey for Freedom’ and for all donations.

In order to be able to respond to individual emergency requests like in the case of Ji-Eun, PSCORE has set up the so-called ‘Save Passage Fund’. Rescue missions are very costly, and thus PSCORE relies heavily on donations to this fund which allow us to offer continued support to North Korean refugees hiding in China in Ji-Eun’s specific case. Individual missions tend to cost at least $10.000 USD; however in Ji-Eun’s specific case US $20.000 were needed alone to cover for her medical treatment. 

PSCORE is greatful for any donation to our fund. If you want to learn more about the ‘Save Passage Fund’ or would even like to support our future rescue missions, please follow this link:


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