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Join Our Petition to Save North Koreans


Currently, it is reported that approximately 30 North Korean defectors are imprisoned at the concentration camp in Yanbian region, China. They are expected to be forced back to North Korea.

Although around 30 North Korean defectors are noted by the media, there are tens and at times even hundreds that are forced back to North Korea through this concentration camp. Such camps are located in major trade areas of North Korea and China.

Please help us in the effort to save North Korean defectors facing executions due to political reasons.

We believe that your participation will bring about a miracle. Thirty of the North Korean defectors arrested in China and expecting repatriation are labeled as “criminals.” a title is too heavy compared to the charges held against them. They attempted to enter South Korea by passing through China in hopes to reunite with their families and to avoid starvation. However, Chinese authorities say that they will be forced back to North Korea, as they are viewed as illegal border-crossers. If the defectors are sent back, they will be labeled as ‘betrayers,’ ‘rebels,’ etc. and will not be able to avoid heavier punishment (such as public executions or concentration camps) as they have attempted to leave during the mourning period for dictator Kim Jong Il.

Among this group of defectors is a 15-year-old boy. His older sister, now turning seventeen, is currently living in South Korea. Out of distress she wrote a letter to the Chinese President Hu Jintao saying, “Mr. President Hu Jintao, I want to live with my brother even for just a few days. I cannot breathe when I think of my brother who will die without ever once eating hot rice and wearing nice clothes. Please save my brother. If you save my brother, I will live each day grateful to you.”

Due to this situation, the political circles that have been continually in conflict with the North Korean problem became unified in voicing against the forceful repatriation.

On the 24th, the resolution for the opposition to this repatriation was passed unanimously, under the name of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Also, many celebrities are participating in the protest against the repatriation. Cha In-Pyo also participated in the protest rally, which was held in front of the Chinese embassy in Hyoja-dong, Jongro-gu, on February 21st. He said, “What’s most important is the interest of our people. The issue of North Korean defectors is being pushed back by other issues. Meanwhile, they are being forced back to North Korea and receiving executions. Our people are a virtuous and just people. If people realize the gravity of the situation, there will certainly be change. Who else would take interest, if the people of the same nation do not? If the wishes of many come together, there will be a miracle.”

Please join us in the protest against the repatriation.

Join us in the effort to save innocent people, disregarding political reasons.

As a defector once searching for freedom, I understand the situation of these defectors all too well. I earnestly request for your valuable participation.


Executive director, Young-il Kim

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