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PSCORE Global English Camp

June 25-27, 2010

Camp Overview

Purpose and History

This year marks the 2nd annual Global English Camp! As part of the effort to promote education and activities for North Korean refugees in South Korea, PSCORE runs an annual three-day Global English Camp for North Korean university students, South Korean facilitators, and foreign English teachers. The 2010 English Camp will be held from Friday, June 25 to Sunday, June 27 and there are an expected 60 participants this year.


Program Goals

  1. provide an environment where North Koreans, South Koreans, and international teachers can engage in discussion about reunification and the future of North Korea
  2. enhance North Korean refugees’ understanding of democratic systems
  3. improve English skills


Pre-Camp Responsibilities

Foreign English teachers are required to do some preparatory work before the Global English Camp.  International teachers will need to:

  • work with South Korean volunteers to select a country and prepare a fun cultural presentation (in the past, groups have chosen to sing native songs, learn and teach cultural dances, complete a group puzzle, and organize a quiz about their chosen country).  *It is important to remember that North Korean students will also participate in the presentation, so be sure to include easy roles for these students.
  • consider the role your group has been assigned in the Mock Election (4 groups will be political parties, 1 group will act as the media, and 1 group will be the Electoral Committee), and come up with ideas for possible campaign slogans, activities, etc. to act as a starting point for student creativity
  • prepare 10 questions related to simple democracy and English lessons for the Golden Bell quiz
  • brainstorm ideas for the Talent Show


Other Information

Thank you for your participation in the Global English Camp! We will contact you as soon as possible regarding your position (as assistant or lead teacher), your team of South Korean volunteers, and your group’s role in the Mock Election.


Tentative Schedule

  • DAY 1 : Introductions and Democratic Systems
    • GOAL:  to get to know each other and to learn general knowledge about the democracy system in the U.S. and other countries.
    • ENGLISH PRACTICE:  introductions, dreams, and hobbies
      • Travel to campsite
      • Lunch
      • Orientation and icebreakers: getting to know each other in English
      • Guest speaker 1 (US Embassy)
      • Guest speaker 2 (US Embassy)
      • Group meeting: assign roles for mock election, create group logo and slogan
      • Dinner
      • Cross-cultural awareness activity
      • Campaigning session 1: introducing each political parties and presidential candidate
      • Sleep


  • DAY 2 : Mock Election
    • GOAL:  participants will gain further understanding of democratic processes through conducting an election and acting as a voter
    • ENGLISH PRACTICE:  likes/dislikes and descriptive word
      • Wake up
      • Outdoor morning exercise
      • Breakfast
      • Group meeting: determine campaign platforms, talk about election processes, and prepare for talent show
      • Guest speaker 3 (Hanns Seidel Foundation)
      • Lunch
      • Outdoor fun activity
      • “Golden Bell” quiz show: question students about English and democracy
      • Dinner
      • All-camp debate
      • Campaigning session 2 ? candidates give speeches and share their campaign platform to gain votes
      • Talent show
      • Mock presidential election
      • Inauguration and speech
      • Reunification activity
      • Sleep


  • DAY 3 : Wrap Up
    • GOAL:  to wrap up and debrief
    • ENGLISH PRACTICE:  review
      • Wake up
      • Outdoor morning exercise
      • Breakfast
      • Surveys and goodbye papers
      • Leave campsite

An all-teacher meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 29 at 3pm.

Contact us at or with any questions!