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Recently, PSCORE was visited by several teachers from Australia and New Zealand from the Asia Education Foundation (AEF). The AEF seeks to educate Australian students on Asian history and culture and triggers them to learn an Asian language. The organisation is an initiative of The University of Melbourne. Besides students, it tries to involve teachers and parents in the process as well.

One of the highlights of the visit was the talk with a North Korean defector. Here is two comments from the participating teachers on the occasion:

“The visit to PSCORE was fascinating and a real highlight for me (the young girl who spoke to us was amazing).”

“Listening to this young girl speak was a life changing experience for me. Her story will stay with me forever, and it will be a story I share in detail with my staff. When people think of a North Korea they think of the Kim Dynasty and not often of the North Korean people.”

The AEF visit to our office was part of a broader trip. Forty percent of those who visited our office also indicated that the visit to PSCORE was one of the highlights of their overall program. Thank you!