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In this report, PSCORE and RFNK outline four contemporary areas of concern regarding the current situation of protection of children’s human rights in the context of North Korean mothers in China. These concerns revolve around the forced repatriation policy implemented by the Chinese government to North Korean mothers, family separation which destroys Chinese citizens’ domestic environment, and the urgent need to address these challenges. Improving legal frameworks, promoting family reunification, and prioritizing the well-being of these vulnerable children are crucial steps in ensuring the protection of their rights.


Chapter 1: A Review of the Past UPR Cycles

Chapter 2: Struggles of Children of North Korean Mothers in China

Section 1: Historic Background

Section 2: Current states of Human Rights Protections of the Children in China

Chapter 3: Addressing Family Separation and Psychological Support: a case study of Children of Female North Korean mothers

Section 1: Persisting Challenges for Children of North Korean Mothers and Chinese Fathers in China

Section 2: Upholding the Right to Family Life — Ensuring Non-Separation for Children

  1. International Provisions
  2. Chinese Domestic Provisions

Section 3: Addressing Trauma and Psychological Challenges

  1. Legal Basis Binding China
  2. Trauma Caused by Family Separation

Chapter 4: Recommendations


Read the full report below:

(English Version) Protecting the Rights of Children of North Korean Mothers and Chinese Fathers – 2023

(Chinese Version) 保护朝鲜母亲和中国父亲子女的权利 – 2023

(Korean Version) 북한어머니와 중국 아버지 사이에 출생한 자녀의권리 보호 – 2023