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On August 29th PSCORE visited two elementary schools. We prepared several presents for the students, including pencil cases and coloring markers in order for them to make their own drawings on their new pencil cases. Additionally, we gave them PSCORE bracelets which the students were very quick to identify as symbolization of the reunification of the two Koreas. Last but not least, we brought them LEGO boxes.

The schools both have North Korean students and teachers, as well as South Korean students and teachers, integrated into one institution. During our first school visit, the students were very energetic and enthusiastic, especially when it came to helping each other choose the perfect bracelets to wear and what drawings or patterns they wanted to draw on the pencil cases.

During our second visit, we were welcomed by a 9-year-old boy and his teacher. The boy told us that he could clearly remember crossing the river between North Korea and China and on a map in the classroom he showed us the route of the hazardous journey through China to South Korea. He expressed much joy as we presented him with all the items, but the LEGO box stood out in particular. He even jumped up and down in happiness. It was clear that he could barely wait to go home and play and would not let go of the box.

One of our interns was pleased to tell him that LEGO came from a country called Denmark, which is also her home country. Here the 9-year-old made an attempt to find the country on the world map, as well as Germany, the country of our other intern. It brought a big smile on all of our faces to see all the children’s grateful and happy reactions to the presents.

Pencil cases were donated by CRCC Asia. We would like to thank them very much for their considerations.

PSCORE with the boy and LEGO-box.