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This March, PSCORE sent a delegation to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, where our team attended the Council’s 25th session at the Palais des Nations. This year’s highlight was the presentation of the highly anticipated report by the Comission of Inquiry on the DPRK, which – in unprecedented detail – describes and condemns the widespread and systematic violation of human rights by the North Korean state.

Thanks to PSCORE’s Consultative Status, the delegation including Executive Director and representative of the North Korean defectors’ community, Kim Young-il, did not only attend the meetings, but also actively participated in them. Most importantly, Young-il had the opportunity to present an oral statement directly addressing the members of the Human Rights Council. Providing the unique perspective of someone who had lived in the DPRK and witnessed atrocities first-hand, Young-Il urged the UN to take action against the continued perpetration of crimes against humanity by the Kim regime.

In addition to the official events, the PSCORE team also organized and participated in several side events, which helped to raise awareness for the many facets of human rights violations in the DPRK. In cooperation with Human Rights Watch, PSCORE organized the event “Now we know,” which was also attended by the members of the Commission of Inquiry. During the event, Kim Young-Il delivered the final remarks. The next day, the ten members of the PSCORE team organized their own side event – a screening of the movie “The Apostle.” The movie showed the brutal persecution of Christians in North Korea and triggered a fruitful discussion with the audience afterwards. On the same day, the PSCORE team launched a protest campaign in front of the Permanent Mission of the DPRK, where it was joined by members of Justice for North Korea and the Korean War Abductees’ Family Union.
The visit was rather short, however, as someone from within the Mission called the police, who kindly but firmly requested the team to leave.

Lastly, PSCORE reached out to the media on several occasions during the trip: Young-Il had the chance to conduct an interview with the BBC and was also futured in a webinar with GlobalNet21.

Overall, it was a great trip and we used our many opportunities to promote human rights for North Korea.Thanks to everyone who joined and supported us!

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PSCORE director Kim Young-il presenting his oral statement at the Human Rights Council gen4 gen5

Young-il’s statement broadcasted by the UN Web TV


The PSCORE team preparing for a campaign in front of the Permanent Mission of the DPRK

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In cooperation with the Korean War Abductees’ Family Union and Justice for North Korea, PSCORE campaigned for North Korean Human rights in front of the permanent mission of the DPRK. Only a few minutes after getting there, police arrived and asked if the team belonged to an organization called PSCORE. Having been called by someone within the permanent mission, they then ordered the assembled people to leave.


PSCORE at the Palais des Nations

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At the UN, PSCORE aired the movie “The Apostle” during a side event. The movie depicts the brutal persecution of Christians in North Korea.


After the movie, PSCORE discussed the movie with the audience.

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The PSCORE team after the side event


In cooperation with Human Rights Watch, PSCORE organized the event, “Now we know.”


Michael Kirby, Chair of the Commission of Inquiry on the DPRK, speaking at the side event


PSCORE’s director Kim Young-il delivering final remarks at the side event

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Kim Young-il and Hannah Jung during a Webinar with GlobalNet21


Kim Young-il during an interview with the BBC. Check it out here.