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PSCORE held another Speech Event on the 24th of July with the Korea University International Summer Campus. We appreciate their help in making this event a success!

We had a lot of participants come to hear our North Korean defectors’ stories and perspectives on the ongoing political questions surrounding North Korea. We would like to thank everyone who participated and joined our event. Our team wants to say an extra thank you for the lovely feedback that gives us the possibility to improve our future events.

“This was my first experience to get to know and listen to North Korean refugees talk about their escape and the journey to South Korea. I was very surprised by the process of coming to South Korea because it was way more complicated, expensive, and dangerous and took way more time than I thought.”

“A storm of thoughts crossed my mind as I was listening to the North Korean defectors give a talk about their personal experiences and their opinion on the unification of South and North Korea. What surprised me was that my own opinions contradicted each other; I felt sympathy toward the common people of North Korea suffering from their government, but at the same time, I was also concerned for the well being of my country, South Korea.”

We hope that we could make the participants aware about the situation in North Korea and North Korean defectors. If you want support defectors or our work please click here and donate now.