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November 11th will be Peppero Day in Korea, when PSCORE will host its first ever PepperoParty at Hongdae Salon Cha Cha.

Guests can enjoy live performances of various artists, participate in the open mic and receive free Peppero.

PSCORE is happy to announce that live music will be performed by the Pegurians (페규리안스), Billy Carter (빌리카터), and Wasted Johnny’s (웨이스티드쟈니스).

The live art performance will be held by Ahn Chung Guk, who is a young artist who escaped from North Korea. He will demonstrate his artistic abilities during a live painting performance.

In case you would like to participate in the open mic session, please go to our Facebook page and leave a message. Registration on the day of the party itself is also possible.

For your information, the PepperoParty will take place from 7:30 PM to 12 AM at Hongdae Salon Cha Cha. Tickets cost 10.000 KRW and can be purchased at the door or online via

We would like you to inform that the profits of this event will be used on for PSCORE’s education program for North Korean defectors. If you want to read more on our education program, please visit

For more detailed information on the event, for example a route map and a timetable, please visit us on Facebook

and Instagram

Also, do not forget to click “attend” on Facebook!

PSCORE is looking forward to a succesful party and hopes to see many of you there!