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North Koreans’ Life inside and outside North Korea

People for Successful Corean Reunification
Date: March 27, Saturday, 2010
Venue: TBD

This event aims to offer comprehensive information to North Korean watchers and human rights activists in the DC area on the lives of ordinary North Koreans inside North Korea, as well as the lives of those outside of North Korea once they defect to China or other third countries. During the first part of the event, our interns will make a presentation on life inside North Korea. The presentations will cover the social, economic and political issues facing ordinary North Koreans living inside the Kim Jong-­il regime. The second part of the event will focus on the struggles that North Koreans face once they defect from North Korea. After a short introductory presentation on human rights inside North Korea, defectors will make speeches on North Koreans’ life in China, a third country, and in South Korea respectively, followed by a Q&A. Free lunch will be provided!




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If you have any questions regarding this event or wish to participate please contact Ana Jang at or 202-­492-­9631.

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