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Mandatory Credit: Photo by IBL/REX (3661525a)
Bronze statues of former leaders Kim Il-Sung and his son Kim Jong-Il

A video which alleges to show anti-Christian propaganda broadcast on North Korean state television channel has been leaked online.

Hackers claim to have been able to stream a live feed of a television programme on the site 4chan featuring a number of musical performances and dance acts.

An hour of the broadcasting has since been uploaded to YouTube.

A ballet performance, which begins around the 13-minute mark, appears to show a priest wearing a large cross terrorising a mother and child.

Although it is difficult to prove the authenticity of the footage, Ben Rogers, East Asia Team Leader at advocacy charity Christian Solidarity Worldwide, told Premier there are a number of reports of anti-Christian propaganda about priests and missionaries harming children coming out of North Korea.

A new report by PSCORE, a Seoul-based NGO that assists North Korean refugees, suggests that children are being taught that Christianity is dangerous in schools.

The report also says: “The North Korean education systems goal is to idolise the ancestry of Kim Il-Sung, and thus, many North Koreans do not know the existence of religion.”

Rogers told Premier: “While we are unable to verify the source of this video, it is certainly in keeping with the North Korean regime’s horrific propaganda against Christians.

“North Korea is the world’s worst place in which to be a Christian – there is no religious freedom whatsoever, Christians meet in secret and if they are discovered face severe punishment in the prison camps, and the regime instils in the population through propaganda a hostility to Christianity.

“The regime is well known for using theatre, films, cartoons and other forms of art in its propaganda war against America, South Korea, Japan and Christianity.”

North Korea has topped Open Doors’ World Watch List for Christian persecution for 16 consecutive years.

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