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On the 21st of last January, we had the opportunity to spend some time with the wonderful students of Dulwich College, a British international school in Seoul. Our founder, Kim Young-Il, shared information about life for North Korean citizens, of his escape from North Korea, and about PSCORE’s rescue mission to save the life of a young North Korean girl in China.

“When older people hear about tragedies, they cry because they do not have the ability to do something. When younger people hear, they think about what they can do. Do something.” -Jo Jin-Hye, a North Korean defector speaking to a group of students at Princeton University

The power to bring peace to North Korea exists within young people. With hope for a better tomorrow, it is crucial that we take time to empower those who are young, or young at heart, with the passion to DO SOMETHING today.

Thank you to the students and teachers of Dulwich, it was a privilege to meet you all, and thank you for being such a welcoming audience. We are excited to see what these leaders of tomorrow are capable of accomplishing!

And… a big thanks to all of you. Awareness and passion is the key to change. Now go out and DO SOMETHING to help the oppressed people of North Korea!

PSCORE at Dulwich College

Kim Young-Il sharing his stories with the international high school students of Dulwich College in Seoul


PSCORE founder Kim Young-Il and intern/rock star translator Hannah Jung


PSCORE’s School Coordinator Catherine Lewis