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Hello everyone!
My name is Kate. I’m a student from Berlin/Germany, and I’ll be doing an internship at PSCORE from March to April 2012. I’m very excited to be here and to gather some work experience. I study Korean Studies in the Free University of Berlin and for quite a long time I’ve been interested in human rights and the unification process in Korea. As my studies in Germany are mainly focused on South Korea, I hope -with this internship- to imrove my knowledge about the inner Korean issue and human rights. I aim to work for a human rights organisation one day, and PSCORE gives me the chance to have a first insight in this kind of work. I’ve just spent one working day here so far, but I find the work of supporting North Korean defectors and promoting unification very exciting. While working here I hope to deepen my understanding about North Korea and also with my volunteering work to give something back to this organisation.