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Julian Sonntag

Hi everyone!

I’m Julian, 24 years old and from Germany. I live in the Netherlands and am studying International Communication and Media, and I should be done with my degree by this summer. But right now, I am interning at PSCORE from January till March.

I stumbled upon PSCORE when I was searching the web for NGOs working on human rights issues that I could intern for, as I have been interested in doing that for a while. I’m not really sure what I will do later on, but really wanted to experience working in a non-profit on a cause that I care about. I was very happy when I got accepted for the internship because I also really wanted to find out what living in Korea is like, and had almost even done my exchange semester in Seoul. But my knowledge of the Korea conflict was not very extensive before I came here, which makes it even more compelling for me now to work myself deeper into it and make my own little contribution.

As I study Communication, I am responsible for a bunch of things related to that. I handle the social media and some of the online content, work on some of PSCORE’s promotional stuff, videos and other tasks that I can pick up on the way. It’s an awesome experience for me to work in a team of both, internationals and Koreans, in which everbody is making their own individual contributions. I also volunteer for the Wednesday evening English classes for the defector students, as it’s a nice way to get in touch with North Koreans and to see directly how the great work PSCORE does is leading to positive results.

Thanks for reading!