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Hoareua Florine

Hi everyone ! My name is Florine and I come from France. I’m a student from the University of Strasbourg. I study International Public Law and I’m particularly focused on Human Rights, Humanitarian law and refugees. As part of my Master’s degree, I had the great opportunity to do an internship oversea and PSCORE is the place where I can do a meaningful and professional internship.

Indeed, as an international student, I would like to experience a new culture and a new way to think and work. But mostly, why I would like to work for PSCORE is, firstly, because I really want to work in an NGO, and, secondly, because of North Korea issues. During my studies, I became more and more interested by Asia. That’s why, working at PSCORE is very rewarding to me. The work of PSCORE is fundamentally important and vital. That’s why, contributing to its work is really important for me.

I started my internship the 4th of May, and I will work with PSCORE until the end of August.

Thank you !