On 23rd of August, PSCORE visited a class of Daejin Girls’ High School in Nowon-gu, Seoul, for a campaign on Korean Reunification at their school festival. Some of the interns had previously met the students where they collaboratively created creative and meaningful campaign boards for this event. We were welcomed by a friendly staff who gave us a tour around the school, invited us to view live k-pop inspired performances and invited us for lunch in the teachers’ cafeteria.

It was clear to see that the students had worked hard on decorating their halls and coming up with activities related to their school topics. The students who collaborated with us were wearing PSCORE t-shirts during the festival and they had created 4 different games mainly related to reunification and human rights, which they set up for in their classrooms. We had a very great time participating in this successful event and we were all pleasantly surprised to see how innovative, creative and enthusiastic the students were.

We are looking very much forward to working hand in hand with these bright students again.