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Announcement for Music Bands Wishing to Perform at United Nations Headquarters in New York, NY

Location: United Nations Headquarters, New York City, NY, USA

Time: Late Sept.  ~ Early Oct., 2013 (One week) ? Can be changed by UN schedule

Selection: 1 band (maximum 5 people)


  • Round-trip airfare to/from New York City and living expenses (for all band members, further negotiations after the selection)
  • Entrance into the UN Headquarters with PSCORE and observation of the General Assembly sessions
  • Small-scale performance in Manhattan and a performance at a nearby park from the UN HQ (currently looking for a detailed location)
  • Resources for album production (10 sessions at a recording studio, 1000 copies of CDs, for campaign distribution)


  • All members should have no issues with entry into the United States (If the majority of the members cannot enter the US, there will be a possibility of cancellation)
  • Willing to perform in New York (English-speaking abilities preferred)
  • Preferred past performance experiences in New York or other foreign locations
  • Must follow the following requests


  • Album production before entering the US about freedom/liberty/human rights/youth.
  • Follow the schedule set by PSCORE throughout the duration of stay
  • Attendance and performances according to the schedules set after negotiations with PSCORE (The park, a club in NYC, etc)

Application Process

  • The following have to be sent to PSCORE: band profile, a web link to a past performance or practice, contact information
  • Deadline: May 31st, 2013 (first round of selections)
  • Auditions will be held by performing at PSCORE Rock Out Concerts of June 22nd and another due in August (currently determined to be located at Hongdae Club Freebird)

Additional Information


※    PSCORE is the first and only NGO that works for the human rights of North Koreans that has been recognized as a consultative organization by the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). PSCORE has the right to formally attend UN conference sessions.