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100% of your donations fund our education program for North Korean defectors, our rescue missions for North Korean refugees trapped in China and our public awareness campaigns.

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We are always ready to assist you. Send an email to pscore@pscore.org.

Defectors' story

The reason to thank PSCORE has to do with how we are one step closer to reunification. I like how I can express my thoughts about unification and I can read news about North Korea in one glance from PSCORE news resources. Unification is not something that can be achieved in a single effort. Only with time and effort can reunification happen. No matter how much I want it, my desire cannot achieve unification. If people are interested and they participate in the effort, then the process of reunification will progress and ultimately be achieved. I believe that PSCORE is fulfilling these necessary roles.


I am learning art at Hongik University (the art school at Hongik University is ranked top in Korea). I am so busy studying at school so I am not learning anything else. At the school, there are many various fees for art materials, so there are some hardships. Last summer vacation, I wanted to make my own piece of art, but I had to work hard to earn money to buy the art materials for next semester. I worked at a kitchen and served at a barbecue restaurant, because of that, I could not draw. The money I earned, which is used for accommodation near the school and to buy art materials, drained quickly.

Chung-guk Ahn
Artist, Student at Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea

I wanted to bring my acting career to life in South Korea. However, becoming an actor in South Korea was like reaching into the sky to grab stars—almost impossible. First I entered college. I needed education to adapt to South Korean society, and I also wanted to study acting professionally.

Cheol-Su Park
Movie Director