"As North Korea undergoes a devastating famine, Yeong-dae loses both his parents and is forced to beg on the streets. Soon, this young boy sets off on a desperate journey to China to find his sister, his last living family member. Captured by the authorities, he is sent back to the North, where he is thrown in jail and tortured. Once he is finally released, he crosses the Tumen River again, more determined than ever to find a place where he can live a decent life. This inspiring tale offers a glimpse into the horrors faced by North Korean children and their indomitable will to survive."

“When I started reading this book, I found myself amazed that the author seemed to understand North Korean society even better than me and I used to live there! I was sucked into the story, and it felt less like reading a novel and more like reliving my childhood and escape from North Korea. Around 25,000 North Koreans have defected to the South as of 2013, and it seemed like the heartbreaking tale of each defector was distilled into this story.”

- Kim Young-il, president of PSCORE