Super~bly Easy Quatrain Contest

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Time to let your creativity shine through poems about improvement of North Korean human rights and hopes for unification!

The very two people who come up with a yearning heart for the two issues will receive an iPad mini2.

Application accepted until 12/10/2014.

Results released on Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Super~bly Easy Quatrain Contest



In hopes to raise awareness about North Korean human rights as well as the importance of unification of the peninsula, we are hosting this content. So please support us with your participation! ^^

Who can participate?

- 1-12th grade students as well as all adults (Koreans, non-Koreans welcomed)

Words (No rhymes, particular forms required-Just complete sentences based on the given starting letters!)



-NKHR (North Korean Human Rights)

*Pick one of your choice.





 - 1st place (1person) : iPad mini2

 - 1st place (1person) : iPad mini2

 - 2nd (3) : Gift Certificate(문화상품권) (50,000KRW), A set of English books (250,000KRW Value)

 - 2nd (3) : Gift Certificate(문화상품권) (50,000KRW), A set of English books (250,000KRW Value) 

 - 3rd (10) : Gift Certificate (20,000KRW)

 - 3rd (10) : Gift Certificate (20,000KRW)

 - participation awards (100) : Books related to North Korean Human Rights  

- participation awards (100) : Books related to North Korean Human Rights

* 1st, 2d, 3rd place winners will receive an award certificate as well as named as an honorary advocacy ambassador for PSCORE.

* Youth (~19 years old)

* 2nd place winners will also receive a set of Choose Your Own Adventure (provided by McGraw Hill). http://www.cyoa.com/collections/box-sets



- Application accepted until Wednesday, December 10, 2014.

- Results released on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 (Award ceremony on Saturday, December 20, 2014)


To apply (select one of the methods below)


1. PSCORE Website (Website written in Korean for the contest)

- ‘성통만사 홈페이지>참여마당>공모전페이지 내에 작성

- ‘쓰기버튼을 누른 후, 카테고리 사행시설정 후 작성 (Only Korean menu. Sorry!)

Personal information must be entered correctly for future contacts from us.


2. Facebook

- Like our page https://www.facebook.com/PscoreKorea

- Like the post about the contest

- Message us your creative writings! (Required info: your name, phone number, birth year, address and your quatrain)



- Send it to [email protected] with your name, phone number, birth year, address and your quatrain!)



4. Kakao talk

- Search for our organization by typing in @성통만사 (don't forget to include the symbol @)

- Start a conversation with your name, phone number, birth year, address and your quatrain!)


Judging Criteria (What we look for)

- Your passion for improvement for human rights conditions in North Korea

- Your desire for unification

- Strong message about the importance of unifcation


Hosted by People for Successful COrean REunification (PSCORE) / Sponsored by McGraw Hill companies and The South-North Korea's Youth Interchange Federation

More Details

- You give consent to PSCORE to freely use your writings for advertisement purpose on the organization's website or through other means.

- Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Any plagiarism will result in disqualification.

- Any unrelated writings to the topic will be deleted.

- All received applications will be judged by fair outside judges. If requirements are not met, changes in awards will take place. All award recipients must attend the award ceremony.


- (02-6497-5035, [email protected])

- Web: www.pscore.org


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