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You can become part of the PSCORE team to help empower the North Korean defectors. You have the opportunity to dedicate some of your time to North Korean people. You can either become a volunteer or an intern.


PSCORE volunteers: Mentors and events’ supporters


Do you want to give a few hours of your week to mentor someone? Then you can volunteer for PSCORE and help North Koreans to reach their educational goals. Korean speakers can help with subjects such as math, science, computers while English speakers can assist with English studies. You can bring your support to defectors through our mentoring program. You can participate in Wednesday classes, the 1:1 tutoring or the cultural activities.


You can also volunteer for PSCORE for particular happenings such as our Charity Rock Concerts or our street awareness campaigns, we always need more help to set up these events.


PSCORE interns


If you are truly dedicated to human rights’ causes, you can become an intern at PSCORE. We are looking for candidates pursuing a degree in law, political science, Asian Studies, sociology, economics, foreign policy, East Asian history or international relations and having an experience in the field of human rights. A bilingual English/Korean speaker is preferred; however, do not be discouraged if you are not 100% proficient in either of the languages.


If you want to dedicate your time to PSCORE and that you are experienced in grant writing (U.S. or Europe grants), web-development, marketing or fundraising, you are the perfect intern for us. Please contact us and come share your skills in the case where you are currently residing in Korea or visiting Seoul for a few weeks.


Finally, if you can translate from Korean to English, you are the candidate we are looking for to translate articles about current events and daily conditions in North Korea. This is a good opportunity if you want to know more about the current state of North Korea and that you are interested in human rights.


Please send us an email at [email protected] if you are interested in doing an internship at PSCORE.



As human rights’ protection is a universal concern, we had hosted volunteers and interns from all over the world as it can be seen on this map.  You can also see past intern interviews on our Youtube channel.