Background   Ahn Chung Guk was born in North Korea and lived like any other child would until he was 13 years old; when, one day, his father spontaneously defected. He had begun studying art when he was 14 because that was what his father had told him to do […]

Interview with Defector Artist – Ahn Chung Guk

Hallo, my name is Nasra Yonis and I have been an intern at PSCORE for the past 6 weeks. On the weekend of 3 to 4 October we had a street campaign at the Busan International Film Festival. This was a great experience for me! It was wonderful to see […]

Busan International Film Festival – Experience

campaign National Assembly
    Hello everybody, my name is Gina and three weeks ago I became an intern at PSCORE. Since my arrival I met many people who are really supportive of PSCORE. It happened more than once that we had someone bringing us a drink or snack to show support. Friday […]

September’s Campaign at National Assembly

Hi! My name is Geneva! I am a rising senior illustration major from Philadelphia! This summer I am working as a graphic design intern with PSCORE! I became interested in the North Korean issue when I became interested in Korean culture as a whole and its history. After finding out […]

Intern Introduction – Geneva Champagne