Giving defectors the chance to be heard

PSCORE can arrange for researchers and organisations to contact North Korean defectors. To improve the human rights situation in North Korea more research and advocacy is necessary. The defector community often wants to contribute to this goal.

Yet, North Korean defectors are simply too few to be able to handle the demand for interviews. This places a heavy burden upon them, which is why it is necessary to compensate them for their time and effort.

Unfortunately, upon arriving in Seoul, North Korean defectors often face financial hardships. Therefore, compensation fees alleviate inconveniences for them, such as, needing to take time away from work, or facing additional travel outside of work hours.

  • Interview : around ₩50,000 / hour excl. organizing or translation fees
  • Survey (<4 pages) : around ₩30,000 excl. organizing or translation fees

It is important to note that you must get the defectors’ permission before performing any audio or video recording. Maintaining their anonymity is important: their name must be changed and their face must be blurred in any photos. The main reason for this anonymity is because their loved ones still in the DPRK could face punishment in their stead. Additionally, once escaping the DPRK they commonly suffer PTSD-like symptoms and continue to fear for their safety.

Please contact us if you are interested in contacting a defector.

To apply, send us an introduction (who are you, what is your purpose, and what is your desired interviewee) and an outline of your plan for communicating with one or more defectors. We will then evaluate your application and respond at our earliest convenience.