Why Should Korea Reunify?

On a global humanitarian scale

To stop human rights abuses in North Korea

Abominable human rights abuses occur on a daily basis in North Korea

  1. Public Executions and Torture
  2. Starvation and Unequal Food Distribution
  3. Prison and Work Camps
    • Political prisoners are incarcerated for life for merely criticizing the North korean regime
  4. North Korean Refugees in China
    • Refugees are forced into human trafficking, sexual slavery, or become orphans with no legal status

On a global international scale

To establish greater peace and stability

  1. Ease Tensions between Big Powers in East Asia
    • Unpredictability and Irrationality of North Korea’s behavior makes tensions in East Adia high
  2. Reduction of Nuclear Weapons and Missile Threat
    • North Korea sells weapons to rogue nations and maintains its own nuclear weapons programs

On a domestic scale

To strengthen Korea as a single nation

  1. Access to Natural Resources
    • Important mineral resources only available in North korea
  2. Geographical Advantage
    • Central location of Korea as Intermediary base for trade
  3. Reduction of Korean Military Expenditures
  4. Improvements to Korea’s Financial Standing and Domestic Markets
  5. Transportation and Traveling Convenience
    • Utilization of the Trans-Korean and Trans-Siberian railways
  6. German Reunification Model
    • German unification as model of successful reunification for the two Koreas

Want to know more?

More information and details can be found in the document we made which you can find here!