Why Should Korea Reunify?

On a global humanitarian scale

To stop human rights abuses in North Korea

Abominable human rights abuses occur on a daily basis in North Korea

  1. Public Executions and Torture
  2. Starvation and Unequal Food Distribution
  3. Prison and Work Camps
    • Political prisoners are incarcerated for life for merely criticizing the North korean regime
  4. North Korean Refugees in China
    • Refugees are forced into human trafficking, sexual slavery, or become orphans with no legal status

On a global international scale

To establish greater peace and stability

  1. Ease Tensions between Big Powers in East Asia
    • Unpredictability and Irrationality of North Korea’s behavior makes tensions in East Adia high
  2. Reduction of Nuclear Weapons and Missile Threat
    • North Korea sells weapons to rogue nations and maintains its own nuclear weapons programs

On a domestic scale

To strengthen Korea as a single nation

  1. Access to Natural Resources
    • Important mineral resources only available in North korea
  2. Geographical Advantage
    • Central location of Korea as Intermediary base for trade
  3. Reduction of Korean Military Expenditures
  4. Improvements to Korea’s Financial Standing and Domestic Markets
  5. Transportation and Traveling Convenience
    • Utilization of the Trans-Korean and Trans-Siberian railways
  6. German Reunification Model
    • German unification as model of successful reunification for the two Koreas

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